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Fixed Asset Audits

Quality Fixed Asset Audits

AI understands the importance of quality fixed asset audits. When fixed assets are improperly recorded, it can lead to an increase in costs. These costs are often related to unneeded assets, repair costs caused by poor maintenances, taxes on assets that have already been disposed of, and costs associated with the recuperation of lost or stolen fixed assets. 

Inventory specialists at AI have all the training and experience needed to identify equipment and capture necessary product information. Our team works within a variety of industries. No matter what your company does, we have a team whose experience will perfectly fit your needs.  

Fixed Asset Management Struggles

Fixed Asset Management is one of the many struggles corporations, large and small, face in today’s business environment. With requirements like Sarbanes-Oxley and the transparency of financial information, it is easy to be penalized for inaccurate information. CFOs, controllers, and other individuals overseeing an organization’s fixed assets may often face problems like those listed below. 

  • Inaccurate depreciation allocations
  • Floor to book discrepancies
  • Overpayment of personal property taxes
  • Cumbersome financial systems
  • Lease expirations and termination penalty fees
  • Redundant purchasing and underutilized assets
  • Lack of human resources to address fixed asset concerns
  • Audit risks and inaccurate financial reporting

Problems like these can drag efforts to keep financial information 100% accurate. AI makes the difference by providing comprehensive fixed asset management solutions. Our technology integration allows you to continue using your favorite platforms while we manage your fixed asset audit. Inventory specialists have experience using various platforms, including Sage, Netsuite, Epicor, and AssetPanda. 

Choose AI For Your Fixed Asset Audit Needs

Trying to locate and track all of your organization’s equipment is a tedious endeavor and finding the right amount of personnel to complete a wall-to-wall inventory takes time. When you contract with AI to perform your inventory, we take all the work out of your hands. You can be assured that your inventory needs will be thoroughly taken care of.