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AI specializes in providing complete fixed asset physical inventory services, fixed asset auditing, asset bar-coding, asset appraisals, reconciliation services, and personal property tax reviews. We have a track record that spans nearly 30 years and enables us to present fixed cost proposals with a cost-benefit analysis to estimate client ROI.

Our talented team of consultants come from diverse backgrounds and have expertise in a variety of industries. All project team members are employees of AI and are recipients of AI’s “Center of Excellence” Data Collection Certificate. Training topics at the “Center of Excellence” include utilizing PEER for PDA Portable Data Collection Program (PDCP) scanners, asset collection procedures, detecting and eliminating potential data discrepancies, and workplace etiquette- safety, security, and personal space issues.

Our project management team also receives extensive training in data review techniques, data verification requirements, data collection statistics, and project management policies and procedures.

Assertive Industries, Inc. conducts fixed asset inventory/reconciliation nationwide for corporations like Equifax, IBM, The Zenith Insurance Co., Warner Brothers, Advanced Nutrients, Blue Cross Blue Shield, and many others. Strong management teams, proprietary technology, and a systematic approach to the physical inventory/reconciliation process enable AI to meet the challenges of urgent client project schedule timelines consistently while remaining fiscally responsible. AI offers fixed pricing for easy budgeting and shorter non-open-ended projects.